Attention: Home Owners!
Need to Sell Your House Fast?
Sell, "Rent-to-Own!
Triple The Deposit!
My Tenant-Buyer Only Pays Me ...
When I Get You Results!

Here's How It All Works....

1. Review my one-page "Option" agreement with your real estate attorney.

2. Approve my agreement that will have your full asking price and terms.

3. I'll send my tenant-buyers to go and see your house all at once, so we'll create an "auction-like" atmosphere.

4. You pick the tenant-buyer that you feel is the most responsible, safe, and likable of the bunch, and we'll finalize the paperwork.

It's that simple...
Call Daniel Bitz
Direct: 262-212-0689
LaReta (Reta) Keppert
Direct: 262-844-6998

Hurry! We Can't Help Everyone.
This offer must go away soon...

To the Reader,

When I listed my investment property for several months with low traffic and no offers, I was contacted by the Tenant Buyer List for a Rent-To-Own option.  I did not want to be a landlord forever but wanted the rental to be occupied until I was ready to sell. Tenant Buyer list greatly increased the foot traffic through the home with the company's listing.  After we identified an interested party, the company did the paperwork and checks regarding the potential tenant and made sure I was comfortable with the selection of the tenant.  Now my home has been rented and the tenant expressed great gratitude with the opportunity to have a home they were happy with while moving towards home ownership.


Karyn H.

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